Destiny lead our family to miscellaneous corners on this planet. All these places had their own culinary influence on the diversity of our café.
The stops of our family lead us from Argentina over Italy to Germany. In addition several flavourful influences from american over indian to turkish refined the concept of Don Pedro's Coffee over years.

Our perfectly trained team delivers this versatile lifestyle in a relaxed atmosphere.

Coffee derived it's name from the past kingdom Kaffa in southwest Ethiopia.
From there the convention of drinking coffee spread over the islamic world. In the 13. and 14. century has been grown on the terraced gardens of Yemen. The seaport Mocha, which the Mocca-coffee has been named after, emerged to a big port of export for coffee.

In the middle of the 17. century coffee reached the big european maritime trade cities. The first european coffee houses existed 1645 in Venice, 1650 in Oxford, 1652 in London, 1659 in Marseille, 1663 in Amsterdam and Den Haag and 1685 in Vienna.

Germany's first coffee house has been established 1673 in Bremen, followed by Hamburg in 1677. The big european cities have grown to big central spots of coffee consumption.

In Paris alone 2000 coffee houses had opened through the years 1672 to 1790. While coffee enjoyment has been a rather personal treat in german areas, it was more of a social experience there. The coffee house has served as a parlour room, a stock exchange, a readers cabinet, a club.

Turks and Arabs, who were the first ones to delve into planting and dealing coffee declared coffee cultivation a state secret at first. The dutch derived the plant with tricks and cunning and brought it to the newly captured colonies to Ceylon, later to Java, Sumatra, Bali, Timor and Celebes.

This way coffee has been carried all over the world in the course of colonial expansion. The systematic cultivation of coffee on 4 continents had begun.