The ready-to-drink refreshment from VENGA® are natural tee-fruitjuice mixes without gas, enriched with valuable vitamins, essential minerals, herbal supplements and bioactive extracts as well as best swiss alpine water.

VENGA® combines innovative premium fruit combinations, that stand out with high additional and nutritional value, with well chosen teas in an exceptionally harmonical way.
Excellent taste and refreshment are being united with additional health value und authentic functionality by nature according to latest scientific knowledge in an incomparable combination for the first time ever. The ingredients with their fine grained and balanced combination are building a special verifiable overall functionality, which outperforms the sum of all nutrients by far.

No artificial flavours, colorants and additives are being used in VENGA® whatsoever. Through the gentle cold-aseptic filling by latest modern technologies in switzerland all vitamins, aromas and ingredients preserve their full effect and unaltered quality in VENGA®. This way the usage of preservatives can be omitted completely, still ensuring a long storage life of 12 months uncooled.
VENGA® can be drawn over Market Grounds of all segments HORECA, convenience and retail in Germany.